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Easy-To-Use One-Page Executive Style Excel Dashboard Templates: How to Convert Your Excel Data into Professional Business Reports In Only A Few Minutes...

1-Page Management Improves Your Business Insight, Helps You Make Better Decisions Based On Facts and Continuously Saves You Time

Fact is that business managers and professionals gather and develop important business data daily and most of the time without planning the structure and the final outcome of the analysis. However once in a while you need to step back and take a look at your big picture and make sense and transform your information into actionable key performance indicators and metrics and get the real business insight you need to make better business decisions. At the same time, you need a smart approach which will give you the benefit of organized management dashboard and scorecard reporting without wasting any money and time and without frustrations on a continuous basis.


If you identify yourself with the typical business case above chances are excel dashboard might be the solution for you to save you time, get organized and improve your decision making. As a mater of fact, all the tools you see on this page have been developed for business managers and professionals like you and they do not require any technical or excel skills at all. All the excel templates and tools have been created with the end user in mind which means as simple as possible for the user to take advantage of these business reporting templates without wasting time and without any frustrations. Learn More Here

This 4-minute video tutorial from Mr Dashboard will give you the high level overview you need to create your dashboard reports with the final outcome in mind - developing excel dashboard which will help you better manage your business and focus on the KPIs and business metrics which have the greatest impact on your business performance. As you watch the video you can follow the same steps to identify your own top KPIs, make a simple plan how you would like to visualize, track and monitor your KPIs and design the custom excel dashboard report for your business (by the way the same tool used in this video is included in this exclusive offer).

If you watched the video and you already started thinking about applying this very same simple and yet very powerful business management approach there are some exciting news for you - we added some more effective reporting and management tools to this limited time offer.

Now with a purchase of the business reporting bundle you will receive all of the following templates and tools:

1. The Excel Dashboard Pro tool used in this video guide ($97 Value)

2. The Interactive Excel Dashboard Templates will give you numerous ways to analyze, monitor and track your own business metrics and KPIs ($79 Value )

These excel templates will save you the need and the time for creating multiple reports out of your data. For example, with these interactive excel templates instead of creating annual, quarterly, monthly... reports you can just select the time range on the drop down features in this template and the dashboard will update instantly.

Your own executive scorecard style business report will give you a clear insight into your most important KPIs. In addition this type of report will improve your presentations, meetings and sharing information with others in your business.

The report can easily be customized in no time by adding your own notes and changing the titles of your reports.

Finally, since this is an excel template you can easily create as many versions and reports as you need - simply save the report under different file name like HR dashboard, marketing dashboard, operational dashboard or sales scorecard and that's it.


3. The Chart Maker ($79 Value)

This tool allows you to create charts, maps and gauges reports out of your excel data with a single click of a button. The reports are automatically generated and saved in your computer in HTML format which you can use online or offline.

HTML files can be opened in any browser regardless of whether you use them online or offline. This is a great tool to be shared with others. For example you can upload the HTML file on any server and share the URL or you can email the files as attachment and others can see them offline in their browsers.

4. The Balanced Scorecard Templates ($79 Value)

Even though building your own Balanced Scorecard can be long practice with a great deal of preparation and strategy, the ultimate outcome will be the Balanced Scorecard as being a business report scorecard utilized on an ongoing base. The ultimate document will incorporate the 4 balanced scorecard aspects - financial, customer, process and learning point of view for the business.

This tool provides you with an easy plus professional solution to manage your own Balanced Scorecard using executive style scorecard. The process could help you save hours on developing your own balanced scorecard from scratch. You can just enter your own key performance indicators and type the data and the Balanced Scorecard is generated and updated instantly.




5. Pareto Tool ($39 Value)

This Pareto Utility for Excel enables you to evaluate your organization by simply generating Pareto Graphs and carrying out Pareto Examination using a mouse click. Pareto Analysis works extremely well for virtually any kind of business. It can help you better recognize your company critical success factors and successfully evaluate and determine the crucial challenges for your business performance. You can utilize this fully automated pareto tool to analyze just about any company information to find out unseen patterns and additionally concentrate on the most important factors behind the issues. You are able to use structured data -- arranged by types or you can actually work with data using numerous entries for each type and the tool is going to carry out the whole evaluation to suit your needs. The Pareto Rule or 80-20 Concept has made it easier for countless business managers to get a much better business understanding and grow their overall performance substantially.

So, if you buy these products individually you would pay at least $456 but if you use this limited-time exclusive offer you will get ALL of the products you see on this page for only $137.









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