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How To Use Excel As A Dashboard

Creating a dashboard in Excel can be tedious, time consuming and difficult unless you have a good understanding of how to run it. In fact, it is a comprehensive and complete visual report or analysis of the project that can be shared with other stakeholders. Select a suitable background that will make the dashboard in Excel sound interesting if you don’t pay attention to the data.

But worry now, that’s where we come in. You can choose subdued hues such as blue, gray and black or go up a notch, such as orange, green and purple. Your data should be the star.

I would recommend following subdued shades if it is for official purposes. It is really your choice, but keep in mind the viewers you will be presenting to. Fewer formulas mean a much safer and more efficient dashboard in Excel that is also easier to maintain.

But be careful here, don’t usually stock up on formula after formula. Another important point is also that you should simply name all your ranges. You can automatically decrease the formula number by using pivot tables.

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Simplify work by cleaning your dashboard in Excel formulas. Always record your work. All of your Excel dashboards should have controls that can help you change the markets, product details, and other little critters.

Dashboards with which the user cannot communicate are incorrect. Storytelling that is full of information is the ideal kind out there. What would be very important is that in Excel, the user can maintain full control over their own dashboard by making changes wherever and whenever they want.

While the information is good, it is excellent, but you should not reveal everything at once. With better use of data and much better tools to create a point, we could recover many data types. The goal should not be to overwhelm viewers with information, but to provide data in this form so that they get the insight you would like to have.

When you decide how to create a dashboard in Excel, start by looking at the purpose of said dashboard. Let your target audience explore the information for themselves by providing them with their own filters and controls. I believe this is really true for many data-based projects.

If you happen to be a newcomer to interactive Excel dashboards, you can still spot developments and discover ways to increase your stunning dashboard. This is when interactive visuals come into the picture. Before we choose in Excel which chart to include in our dashboard, we need to have an overview of all the charts used in dashboards, so when to use what.

If you’re a pro in internet marketing, digging deeper into the information for much better charts is easy. They are extremely simplistic. These are some of my top picks.

These are best used to show developments over a period of time. These cards contain a series of information points connected by a line. However, these people can perceive changes in clarity, just like me and you too.

Most people can perceive a color, but cannot correctly separate two shades of the same color. Not only does that look ugly, but it is completely useless to the end users we discussed above. Avoid overlapping shades like the instance I provided above.

But one more thing that’s critical for this particular one is where you put everything around the dashboard in Excel. So now you understand how to use each chart as well as the colors to associate them all with. It is imperative that everything is strategically placed. Data you wish to compare should be taken into consideration.

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