More control over the business BIA uses your priority roles and roles for recovery during major emergencies. BIA will help identify which buildings and divisions should be a top priority for continuity planning.

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Data center loss could affect external and internal communication channels and critical IT functions. Involve senior management in addition to the board to organize key department positions, responsibilities and dependencies. All companies must be able to collect all key elements to ensure recovery strategies are fully considered. Performance review questionnaires are used to collect the teams’ views on the operational purpose of the department.


Business impact analysis is a method of gathering details about an element that may be leading to the problem. BIA can also focus on your business processes plus resources essential for doing business quickly.

In addition, you can view the GAP analysis template as it focuses on current and expected performance. Therefore, the price of losses must be estimated relative to the price of possible recovery plans.

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Provides means to manage and obtain massive amounts of data for various types of projects, promotions or dissemination activities. One of the many methods to make this chart easier to read and understand would be to break it down into a series of smaller grouped columns. Flowcharts are usually used for both the sales and marketing process, in addition to finding potential problems. The funnel contains a larger value, identified the actual head, in addition to the low part, identified the actual neck.

Almost everyone has no idea what you are trying to say with these graphs. To study Excel charts, it can be essential to understand the different aspects of the chart. The grid lines from the chart would become the pale lines appearing from the chart in the company.


And Excel is certainly an ideal tool for creating high-quality yet effective charts for analytic audiences.


Thermometer tables really draw attention, and they also provide important information in a very clear way. Creating some kinds of charts within Excel according to our details is very easy and useful regarding analysis, data viewing, presentations, etc. Learn about some types of charts in Excel and how to create them.

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Following that around the list is actually a column chart, also called a Gantt chart in statistics. This is a good chart in Excel that can be used to indicate trends and assess performance. There are many more types of charts that can be obtained in Excel such as hierarchical charts, radar charts, waterfall charts and mixed charts which are a mix of two or many more charts. Each of them is used in accordance with special conditions that meet the actual data, such as the type of data, the number of data points, etc.

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When using Excel to calculate variable averages, it is advisable to get a concrete picture of future sales. Companies often use a flexible averaging method to forecast sales on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. If people reading the chart or spreadsheet draw inaccurate conclusions based on past trends, the predictions can be deceptive.

Exponential smoothing methods, such as ETS, also attribute the value of data differently depending on what year it actually is. Excel provides an easy-to-use sales revenue forecasting solution that many people across the business can easily access and view. Best-in-class financial forecasting helps you plan financially and set sales targets to strengthen your organization increase sales. Discover the differences between revenue and crewing activities within sales operations, along with what can best serve your business.

You can choose the date of the specific voter date or directly enter the box. For a detailed description of each argument, see The actual FORECAST function in Excel.