Employee Action Plan Examples

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Performance Management Action Plan Example

Use these examples and insights to tell your personal strategies and start seeing the benefits of improved engagement with your business. As we’ve said, the experience planning approach isn’t necessarily instinctive, but I’m not saying it’s brain surgery either. Once you have focused on those areas, it is time to start making the specific plans using a few steps.

The point is, assuming you’re using engagement software with integrated action planning, it provides its own process for identifying areas for improvement. Much like your current engagement strategy, action planning is much more of a refinement rather than something with a clear finish line. Remember, action to prepare for better employee engagement is an ongoing process that develops itself.

After you’ve had some success under your belt and employees find your commitment to creating improvements, that momentum can support you as you tackle more complicated problems in the future. We usually recommend low hanging fruits to individuals first, the quick wins that can help you build momentum. Perhaps the accounting individuals feel that the leader of their team is just too far away, making it a place for improvement.

For example, the results of your employee market research show that you need to focus on the driving force behind Management Involvement – a gauge of an employee’s experience and relationship with the help of their direct supervisor – within your accounting department. Expanding on that example, now let’s assume that your research report also revealed a lack of clarity due to the same accounting manager about messages from business leaders. HR can take these action items from the research report, sit with this team leader and maybe even their supervisor, and come up with a simple yet effective action to address the problem.

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Of course, some action plans are inherently more complex than others, especially when they work with larger engagement initiatives. Again, a roadmap built around the drivers of Management of Communication can address this issue. These results indicate that mare is a systemic problem, with individuals across the company feeling a lack of communication from senior leaders.

We will probably continue with our previous example, if the lack of clarity in leadership reporting was not only identified in the accounting in different working groups. This is an ideal example of a larger plan that you could supplement or split into several smaller plans. Scheduling skip-level meetings in any division is a great first step, but if the underlying problem is much more extensive than a problem with managers, then you should adopt a roadmap that is greater in size and reach.

Each of them may need their own action plan. For example, someone should schedule town hall meetings, and managers should schedule short follow-ups with their teams. And of course, the bigger the business, the more complex the look will be.

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