Excel quality control templates

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Free Excel quality control templates

Quality Control (QC) Management requires efficient and effective quality tools, charts, templates, calculators, SPC tools, control charts and customized process specific excel templates, software and tools.

Understanding the logic of QC and TQM is only part of the job, however implementing the quality management initiatives can be a challenge for most organizations. In order to improve the organizational productivity and quality various critical and organization specific issues should be taken such as defining the goals, objectives and targets, documenting the processes, organization wide TQM training, creating the quality control strategy, requirements…

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Finally the right tools and software must be used in order to implement the plans and achieve the objectives.

The most frequently used tools in quality control are:

Fishbone diagram – cause and effect or Ishikawa diagram. This tool is utilized for categorizing and segmenting data.

Pareto Analysis and pareto chart – also called the 80-20 rule

Quality Control Charts – also called statistical process control charts or SPC charts used for reporting and analyzing data

Histogram Chart – utilized for analysis of data frequency distribution

Check Sheet – for collecting and organizing any type of data or information in a very simple way

Scatter chart – analysis of relationships between various variables

Stratification – tool utilized for collecting and organizing data from various sources

In addition to all the excel quality control tools companies use – organizing the quality control overall reporting system is the top priority. All the individual tools will reveal specific pieces of information but creating your quality scorecard report or developing your quality control dashboard will allow everyone to see and understand the overall performance and get the big picture.

This is where Quality Excel Dashboard Report Template comes handy. Because excel dashboard templates allow users to visually show a lot of information by using executive one-page style reporting, they are great for QC professionals as well.

Quality Dashboard in Excel helps users simplify and organize all the data and track the quality metrics and KPIs easily as well as manage and update the quality reports easily. When you use quality dashboard reporting you get a better insight and timely information allowing you to make better decisions – do not waste time but immediately identify any potential trends, quality problems and also business improvement and continuous quality improvement opportunities. In other words, every quality professional should have an effective quality excel dashboard reporting all the top priorities quality metrics and quality key performance indicators.

The greatest benefit of one-page reporting in quality control is that this type of reporting informs you on an ongoing basis about all the important issues before it is too late to act. Simply without effective reporting companies need more time to recognize the current and recent developments and unfortunately sometimes they can easily miss on many opportunities or are unable to act on any possible issues on time. In addition excel quality control dashboard allows you to communicate in a more efficient way with your team – when everyone is on the same page in terms of priorities and metrics monitoring it is easy to manage your quality control programs, projects and initiatives.

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