How To Present KPIs For Management

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How To Prepare Kpi Dashboard

Email is by far the most typical communication channel for KPI reports. If you identify scheduled email reporting, you can develop a habit of regularly checking emails for status updates within the team and management. Plus, it cuts down on the time you can spend creating KPI reports, while your management spends more time reading them, because honestly, no one has the chance to dig you through raw data.

Connecting your corporate dashboard to email keeps channels easily accessible and intuitive. Formatting is considered the most time consuming task of creating KPI presentations because when you do this manually, you have to get the information from the source and then externally create visualizations to speak out important information. Users have the ability to customize the layout, size, height, annotations, quality and design for any KPI report.

A general guideline is 5 words per line and 5 lines per slide. Also try to include some custom brand choices to get the attention of your executives. Visualizations make it easy for management to understand KPI information as you discuss insights and plan responsive action for everyone.

That’s why images are very important for a good KPI presentation. Keep in mind that KPIs are inherently linked and should be discussed in relation to each other. When presenting KPIs to a group where time is limited, strong images keep everyone engaged and also on the topic.

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If you decide to organize your KPI report as separate slides for each KPI, make sure to keep an eye on the relationship with other KPIs and the entire business picture to avoid metric isolation. Karen suggests the best practices are to use little more than two images per slide when including text for the best insights, and a maximum of four to avoid clutter. Supervisors always get inspired when they visit a summary version of the data and see that it is useful to them in making important decisions.

Incorporating data from metrics and metrics into presentations adds an essential level of evidence when discussing any part of your business. By sharing the interactive dashboard, you can keep the conversation going and keep your KPI presentation from languishing in PowerPoint purgatory. After your dashboard-driven KPI presentation, executives will ask you to create more data visualizations on topics of great importance to them.

By freeing up time to develop dashboards using the KPIs that your executives always request within their KPI reports at the end of the month, the reporting system is simplified and the habit of continuously monitoring those KPIs becomes end of the month for reporting. Live links mirror KPIs from the corporate dashboard, ensuring that they are continuously updated. Make sure everyone in the organization is referring to each other’s achievements.

Another great part of wallboards, they promote teamwork at work. Make your dashboards accessible to everyone on your own team. Ask questions from their departments and get everyone talking.

These roles are designed to view the Excel dashboard, but each has specific action permissions. Users can be added to your Klipfolio account as an administrator, editor or read only. Having all employees, especially management, use dashboards is a great way to present KPIs as it allows individuals to always access KPI report data without having to study the lengthy type of communication to manage the administrator.

The advantage of direct access is that you can set up role-specific dashboards. reach that juggles with many other requests. Direct access to the dashboard is really a surefire way to improve communication and demonstrate the need for your teams’ management efforts, in addition to key places to improve.

Reporting mobile KPIs becomes especially essential as telecommuting and remote offices become more common. You may not always land on your laptop, but most people always remember their smartphone before leaving home.

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