How To Turn Mac Excel To Windows Excel

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Mac excel 2011 uses the identical default document type as Excel — so that you don’t like to convert the document to different type when sending out it from mac to a . Both systems do have several differences, nevertheless, so look over the workbook to test for features which can cause integration issues.saves in XLSX format automatically, but mac excel sometimes hides the document extension, that Windows utilizes when opening document. In save as dialog boxchoose excel file (.xlsx) as format and . Don’t include slashesbackslashesthan symbols, less-than symbols, issue marks, quotes, asterisks or bars in the document name.

Mac excel can scan for integration issues with other excel editions. Open View menu and then click Compatibility Report. Select version of Excel in Check integration With drop down menu and then click Check file. When compatibility issue turns up, choose it and then click Fix to attempt a automatic fixor click aid to learn even more. Make a use of this tool every time that you move new workbook to Windows to assist find probable problems.Windows cannot open some of the picture and movie formats utilized in mac excel. When you have any included images in PICT structure, substitute them with JPG pictures. When the workbook utilizes QuickTime movies, substitute them with AVI movies.

To make sure your content looks the identical on Windows, stay away from fonts that aren’t incorporated with WindowsCompatible options involve Arial,

Mac excel 2011 makes use of the same date process as Excel 1900 date process, that bases days on quantity of days considering the fact that January one, 1900. Older editions on Mac, nevertheless, use 1904 date process, triggering potential problems in case you started file on mac excel 2008 or before. Days won’t display up incorrectly in case you load the file in Windows, however they will incorrectly in case you paste these in another document on a Windows laptop.

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To prevent days from shifting by mistake, enable recipients know problem in case you send files that include days to Windows laptops. Like a workaround, the recipients can rewrite dates within Windows-workbooks instead of copying and They could also set Excel to utilize the 1904 process by testing Use 1904 date process on the enhanced tab of Excel’s options screen.

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