KPI sales metrics excel dashboard

KPI sales metrics excel dashboard

Sales Metrics and KPIs Reporting with Excel Dashboard

How Excel can help you report, measure and track your sales results and performance

Without measuring it is impossible to manage successfully – this is true for any business and especially for the sales performance management.

Sales dashboard reporting is important for monitoring your results and ongoing sales performance. When you have organized sales reports you can easily spot any issues and opportunities. Without good insight into your top sales metrics and key performance indicators it is hard to manage based on the latest information you have and decisions not based on facts.

The issues are even bigger for busy sales managers and business professionals. It is a typical catch 22 situation where without investing some time in organizing your sales reports you can’t get organized and manage the team and strategies better. On the other hand it is hard to allocate the time and resources into developing a sales dashboard when you are busy pushed with high-priority items on your list.

Here is the good news: creating and developing your sales dashboard in Excel can be done quickly and the quality of your reports will be at the highest level. Sales KPI dashboards can be developed and organized in a few minutes and this will be the best time investment you ever made because not only you’ll improve your sales reporting and management but you’ll save time over and over again.

How to create sales metrics / KPIs excel dashboard?

1. First, this is a good opportunity for you to review you strategy, top priorities and the most successful tactics (effective approaches) for your business. This short exercise (among other potential benefits) will really help you define your top sales KPIs and metrics. The terms sales metrics and sales key performance indicators are used a lot and they might be a little bit confusing for many people so let’s make the difference clear: KPI is an indicator which impacts your overall business success or performance. On the other hand monitoring only a few KPIs for sales is not enough because you want to be able to identify the causes and drivers of success and failure on a continuous basis – so each of your KPI will require sales metrics that drive those sales performance KPIs.

2. Second, once you have the major key performance indicators defined you need a effective way to organize them into a logical report – able to track the progress and measure performances. If you are busy professional and even if you have the required Excel skills and expertise – you definitely don’t want to waste hours or days on creating excel sales dashboard report templates from scratch you can use ready-to-download excel dashboard templates and have your sales dashboard live in a few minutes.

As a summary, spend a few minutes defining your KPIs (this is very important because what you measure is what you get) and next use your KPIs into the easy-to-use excel templates to create sales dashboard that make sense to you and you’ll actually use it. The benefits of using Excel for sales reporting are numerous – it is a flexible reporting system, no learning curve, no training and no investments required – to name a few.

How to get started with excel dashboard templates for sales reporting:

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2. Creating customized excel dashboards (follow this quick video on how to use the excel templates and you’ll be able to develop your sales excel dashboard in a few minutes):Watch here