Marketing metrics excel dashboard

Marketing metrics excel dashboard

Marketing KPIs and Metrics Dashboard Reporting

How to make your reporting and analysis simple with excel dashboard for marketing?

The best way to simplify marketing management is to create marketing KPI reports which reflect your marketing strategy. Having said, that the most important element in this process is to translate your marketing strategy into specific goals and objectives.

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Based on your goals (both marketing specific and overall business goals) you should come up with the top marketing KPIs for your business. Marketing metrics supporting those key performance indicators in addition will help you clarify and understand your marketing kpi performances.

The art of developing efficient and successful reports includes the process mentioned above – from strategy to metrics and continuous marketing improvement.

So let’s go step by step through this marketing KPI dashboard development process:

1. Review your strategy. Write down your overall business /organizational strategy in a few sentences. Start with the overall goals and define the ways how marketing will support those goals and help the organization achieve those objectives.

2. Once you have your goals and strategy in place create a list of more specific and detailed objectives on how you can actually achieve the goals. This reveals the major processes, tactics and approaches you’ll use to drive your marketing performance at a higher level.

3. At this point it’s time for defining the top marketing KPIs. These are the quantitative indicators which help you assess and evaluate your marketing performance simply by looking at a few numbers. This is an important stage in the process of creating marketing dashboard report.

4. Each marketing KPI will require additional measures which will help you investigate the causes and effects of your marketing activities. Going back and forth from your marketing metrics to your KPIs will reveal the true story of your marketing operations.

5. Once you have the entire list of KPIs and metrics for marketing you can convert those metrics into a marketing dashboard report which will be effective, easy to use and continuously updated with your latest marketing activities and results.

By following these simple steps you can drastically improve your marketing performance because you’ll be able to identify what drives your success and what doesn’t. In addition you’ll be able to continuously improve your operations and pay attention to both major and minor drivers and metrics for marketing.

A few tips and ideas for defining your marketing dashboard KPIs:

1. Key performance indicators are numbers not goals or strategies – they are measures which help you track your progress of achieving your business goals

2. There is no such things as minimum or maximum number of marketing KPIs you should use – it all depends on your business however generally speaking you should have at least 3 and not more than 7 KPIs for marketing

3. Again the number of marketing metrics is not limited to any number – you can use 3-5 metrics in general for each of your KPI

4. Make sure you include KPIs for customer retention and measuring the success of your CRM

5. In addition you should have lead generation metrics as well and track what works for your company

6. Include conversion KPIs and metrics as well – not all leads, customer and clients are equal so measure conversion rate for different leads and segments and continuously improve your marketing

7. Once you go through this exercise you can use excel dashboard templates which will help you convert this process into a tangible marketing dashboard report in just a couple of minutes.


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