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Quality Management Plan Example Pmi

If there are specific sections of the project where quality standards will never apply, they should be listed in this section. This section describes a series of quality control activities for your project. This part of the quality management plan describes an approach that the company will use to manage quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Typically, the range of quality control activities spans the entire project lifecycle from initiation to closure and includes a dimension of activities in all project phases. Quality must also be viewed from every process and product perspective. Quality should be planned directly in a project to avoid unnecessary rework, waste, cost and time.

This section should determine the quality requirements and standards to be used for your project. The organization will already have a standardized quality method, but whether it is standard or not, an approach must be defined and communicated to one or all project stakeholders. For example, proposed changes to our product to meet identified quality standards may require cost or schedule adjustments along with a detailed risk assessment of the impact on plans.

Quality planning should be done in parallel using the other project planning processes. Tools and techniques that can be used as quality assurance include, but are not limited to, quality audits, process analysis, inspection, control charts, cause and effect diagrams, quality control logs, root cause analysis, and process flow mapping. Tools and methods that can be used for quality planning include cost benefit analysis, quality costs, control charts, benchmarking, design experiments, statistical sampling, flow charts and quality management methodologies.

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Quality assurance, which focuses on the project processes, instills confidence that the quality requirements can be met so that it helps ensure that the project processes used to manage and deliver the project service or product are working properly and should be performed. The quality assurance output should include a list of organizational process asset updates, change requests, project management plan updates, and project document updates. This iterative process includes measuring process statistics, analyzing process data and continuously improving the processes.

To ensure quality, an iterative quality process will be used throughout the project lifecycle. Tools and techniques that can be used as qc include cause and effect charts, control charts, flow charts, histograms, pareto charts, run charts, scatter charts, statistical sampling, inspection and review of approved change requests. Input for qc may include: the project management plan, quality metrics, quality checklists, job performance measurements, approved change requests, updated documentation, and organizational process assets.

The senior project director must assess the techniques. and choose what to use depending on the project details, input and experience. This section should contain general information about the types of records and reports that will be created and kept in the project’s quality activities.

QC output should include quality control measurements, validated changes, validated results, change requests, updates to organizational process assets, updates to project management plans, and updates to project documents. Both the storage location and the format of reports and knowledge can differ from project to project

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