Safety Dashboard Templates Examples

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Safety Dashboard Templates

Businesses can download Excel safety dashboard templates and start filling out and updating new information and data coming in from the site. Excel-based safety dashboards have been the best and best approach to monitor safety numbers and statistics over several years. While this still works more effectively than not knowing how to keep track of safety statistics, it takes companies, teams, and employees so much time to reconcile, manage, and format all of this data in spreadsheets.

From here they can create Excel-based ‘dashboards’ and charts that they can update by manually entering new information. The first part of converting your Excel-based safety dashboard templates to fully digital dashboard templates is based on transitioning the way you capture safety data and securely fill out forms on site. Many projects and companies have entire teams that provide all this information through dashboards.

Using paper, Word documents, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets to keep track of what’s happening on site is certainly the source known for manually entering information. It is impossible to produce real-time and automatic safety dashboards without capturing real-time information. So we have to change the ‘source’ of the information and make sure it is digital – usually through a site-based app and digital system.

People can capture information just fine, but it has to be scanned or uploaded, sent and then tuned. Using a standalone security app and this only allowing for data collection will still lead to exactly the same problem. Some companies have previously started using ‘mobile’ data capture software and apps to get this done, but those apps also need to be connected to a database that informs the dashboards.

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It still requires manual steps and manual data tuning, which is what we should try to avoid with this particular ‘template’. Even if you’re ‘paperless’, you should definitely still export the information from your app and then convert that data straight to a CSV or spreadsheet into valuable information. Once you have completed this task, the information from your reference form is continuously entered directly into the chart, which is updated in real time.

For example, if it is a dashboard that shows how many safety inspections have already been performed, you simply need to create a security dashboard with a graph pointing to your safety inspection form. You can create multiple dashboard templates and reference whatever data and shape you want. The system automatically collects and organizes the details for you personally – instead of people having to sift through manual forms and records.

Then you may have a hazard dashboard with similar graphs to understand and calculate exactly the same counts and rations. You can have a security incident dashboard with graphs for the number of incidents and incident types. The final step of the safety report template is then the ability to understand how to handle all of this safety data.

These reports are as flexible as the information you capture, and you can organize them as you see fit. These indicators or ‘KPIs’ allow you to know how you are doing, how your efficiency has improved and how it has improved so far. And whether you use free Excel templates or perhaps a dedicated solution, this is the most essential part of the dashboards.

From a mechanical point of view, using the device, it is easy to drill into specific charts and dashboards to see in more detail what is going on, with whom it is happening and exactly why it is happening. Without evaluating and discounting these KPIs, it is extremely difficult to make decisions based on facts, and even more complicated to understand whether those decisions lead to favorable results. Risk assessments are really a proactive measure of making sure that individuals are making good and conscious decisions about how to proceed with a form or activity – or perhaps the entire project. By following the security report template above, you will soon be able to easily create security dashboards that illustrate the risks associated with certain projects, sites, and actions.

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