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Excel Sales Dashboard Template

Salespeople are in the CRM tool most of the time because it contains information they have to close their deals. Because of time constraints, sellers need to quickly have information that shows the holistic view of their deals, with the ability to easily delve deeper into the data point – without taking up enough time or effort. Sales dashboards allow salespeople to focus their time on selling and much less time on administrative tasks or searching for the data they need.

However, account details are often hidden in a few screens, and it is difficult to get an exact, general understanding of the account. Having centralized sales dashboards means everyone will use the same data to make decisions – with this report taking the role of some of the causes of the truth. The benefits of sales analytics staff to create centralized self-service dashboards are compelling.

Using single causes of truth across the business means that critical decisions are usually designed with all the data rather than just gut feeling. Salespeople, sales directors, and senior leaders would speak the exact same language and work on common sales metrics. Analysts can make better sales estimates, leaders need to plan territories more strategically, and salespeople can get an exact view of their angle against their set goals.

Using reports that link to sources of information with clean and validated sales data will help you prepare and avoid being caught off guard – so everyone in the organization can become more agile, run faster to meet quotas, or make job opportunities more efficient . Anyone in your company can subscribe to some Tableau sales dashboard and create automatic alerts based on any condition or value they determine. Having a comprehensive BI platform like Tableau makes creating useful sales reports that serve all of your audiences simple and scalable.

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Here are seven types of sales dashboards to focus your profit teams to maximize efficiency and enable data-driven decisions. Sales leaders need to stay focused on the bigger picture, while also gaining access to key points in the workplace with alerts when teams hit their quotas or when bookings or earnings hit a certain amount. In one view, you can have a holistic view of opportunities, your pipeline, which deals will accelerate or grow, and then compare the forecast against quotas.

Use these as templates, inspiration, and places to start – and adapt them to your own business needs. When presenting to senior sales leaders, you can seem confident that you are providing reliable information that is useful to them for data-driven decision-making. Use this dashboard to systematically forecast sales results and also have real insight into what the very best case forecast is compared to your commit case forecast, avoiding unnecessary surprises.

Being able to break down the information and look at the pipeline by opportunity stages, KPIs, sizes, timeline, and sales rep, means seeing opportunities that require you to run quickly, if necessary. Use this dashboard to understand health insurance and pipeline status. Quickly filter your profit growth data by region, segment, merchant account with this specific dashboard and view YOY comparisons by choosing filters you want from the most efficient drop-down menu called “Select How to Split Results.” By far the most effective use of this sales development dashboard will vary from the context it provides, helping managers spot patterns or trends, be realistic and nurture salespeople.

Seeing a complete and accurate picture of the status of the sales pipeline means evaluating where your leads are coming from and doing something early to help teams reach their quotas. For example, seeing the status of transactions by a representative means you need to help sellers change tactics and make sure money isn’t shared. This actionable information can re-engage discouraged salespeople, focus the team on customer success, and reduce planning uncertainty.

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