Strategies To Successful Project Execution

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Program Management Strategy Example

Once both project initiation and planning processes have started, project execution begins. During the 5 process groups from the project life cycle, you will find multiple goals and outcomes for each phase. The execution gap is basically a perceived gap between a company’s strategies and expectations and how it can achieve these goals and turn ideas into action.

Closing that execution gap, also known for the strategy gap, is just one of the most frustrating challenges business leaders face today. These books claim that sponsors are essential to fill these gaps, in addition to implementing a well-defined framework. In recent years, numerous books have been published on how to overcome the gaps in both strategy and implementation.

Executives who cannot define what they want to achieve cannot expect project leaders to understand their strategy and direct their work with any meaningful contribution. Organizations implementing an executive strategy to turn strategic objectives into business value will see the larger tool successfully – the C-suite executives, middle management, the project manager, and the project team. Executives may be able to effectively communicate to sponsors, program and project managers what they want to do and, more importantly, why they want to do it.

Managers need the efforts of others. A well-defined project ahead of time can help drive buy-in from the team and stakeholders, as well as set the stage for the team. Clear and concise communication is very important.

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Today, PMI recognizes the need for a trio of skills within the regions of leadership, strategic and management, and technical project management software. To ensure strategies are set in motion, make sure you find the talent with the right project leadership skills to handle the project. You also need to understand yourself better in order to direct others.

Emotional intelligence and self-awareness remain essential skills for project leaders. Each project manager must have a personal career plan to fill gaps in behavior or competencies. Plan to receive just-in-time training so that you have the required working knowledge for the role around the project.

What they could do is take advantage of the team’s collective knowledge. Project leaders do not have crystal balls to select the future to avoid unknown threats and issues. Rely on input and feedback from the team, stakeholders and customers as needed.

Listening is an underused skill of many leaders, and if you want to close gaps, you need to focus. Every project is different. Anticipate removing any input that does not add additional value.

The implementation phase of the project will reveal unexpected issues or problems, so project leaders must be ready to implement tactical changes. Project leaders must be agile, flexible and versatile to change and correct their work. It’s a lot of fun to improve morale and recognize the team’s efforts.

The execution phase is one of your longest phases and can account for the most time and effort on the part of the team. Recognize and give credit to your team for contributing to the prosperity of this program or project. There are no projects that will be successfully completed without the efforts of the team.

Every great leader is also aware that the prosperity of their programs and projects is simply because it is a team effort. Project leadership is about growing other leaders for your business. Clearly closing those gaps improves an organization’s ability to create repeatable guidelines and get a return on your investment.

Organizations that focus on aligning vision and strategy in programs and projects will produce a greater rate of project success. Remember the words of the economic and management guru, Michael LeBeouf, A satisfied customer is the ideal strategy.

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