Transportation And Logistics Management

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Learn the fundamentals of book keeping, accounting and auditing.

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Prepare for your professional world through general training and business fundamentals.

Gain the social and group communication skills essential for achievement in every occupations.

Acquire the fundamentals of national or international security by studying terrorists’ weapons, motivations and vulnerabilities.

Learn the basic principles of criminal justice theory, terrorism and police force goals and administration.

Aas, Culinary And Foodservice Management

Gain a core of information useful within an assortment of medical-service related fields.

Explore the theoretical ideas and practical applications needed to run a worldwide labor force.

Learn the origins of armed conflict by using an study of international military powers, war doctrines, critical battles, political leaders and foreign policies.

Acquire the powerful, political, and debatable elements of the general public well-being field.

Examine the fundamental process, certification requirements, and private attributes needed to succeed within the property field.

Gain the fundamental skills needed to effectively manage an assortment of retail organizations.

You’ll discover the complex ideas, functions, and language round the availability chain industry associated with moving materials, information, and finances from provider the actual end consumer.

Compliment previous work or academic knowledge about an analytic, managerial method of technical occupations.

Aa, Weapons Of Mass Devastation Preparedness

Acquire a simple knowledge of extremist groups, terrorism theory, terrorist weapons and national security.

Gain the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and analyze experience needed to address complex accounting issues.

Acquire a core curriculum of management, marketing, law, finance, accounting, business economics, and strategy.

Gain the information and skills that you have to be a part of the evolving and powerful communication industry, with concentrations in tactical Communication and electronic Communication and Media Design.

Learn to tactically assess, design, and implement superior cybersecurity defense systems within the public and sectors.

Ba, Emergency And Disaster Management

Study emergency management as well as security strategies practiced by Homeland Security too as other international safety agencies.

Explore critical theories and is working in English, American, and world literature.

Develop the bottom of knowledge — marketing, management, operations, finance, accounting and a lot more — essential to be an effective businessperson.

Ba, Authorities Contracting And Acquisition

Learn the related skills needed to be any adverse health information administrator within an assortment of options, from medical centers to insurance providers.

Advance prior military or civilian training having a comprehensive study of the as well being sciences.

Develop an extensive knowledge of terrorism, counterterrorism, hazard management, intelligence, police force and U.S. Security policies.

Ba, Human Development And Family Studies

Explore methods to encourage, compensate, recruit, assess, and build an organization’s expertise base.

Learn the means by which in which you can build and deploy networks, directories, web properties, too as other IT-related assets.

Develop the problem-solving methods essential for assisting computer-based solutions.

Ba, Diplomacy And International Security

Gain the real management theories, ideas and practices essential to organize, encourage and lead staff privately, public and military environments.

Acquire a good foundation in biology, biochemistry, physics and earth technological research by using an solely online program.

Examine theories of presidency, economy, and civil society’s regards to contemporary political systems.

Study a persons mind and behavior with the prism of developmental, business, and abnormal mindset.

Acquire a core understanding from the cultural, political and spiritual elements of faith.

Learn the theories and practical skills needed to effectively manage an assortment of retail operations.

Study reverse logistics being a vital element in logistics management, retail management, engineering management as well as a lot more.

Study all types of human behavior and conversation — from individuals and small groups to institutions and globalization.

Study space technological research, management, operations, economy and national security.

Bs, Sports And Well Being Sciences

Learn human movement and behavior and simply how it pertains to exercise, fitness, diet and medical insurance and wellness.

Explore management theories and practices which are essential to arrange, encourage, and lead staff in a variety of capacities.

Ba, Transportation And Logistics Management

Explore how public policy, business economics and transportation aspect into logistics management.

Blend theory the actual sensible and analyze skills needed to address complex accounting issues present in private companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Learn to avoid, detect, and react to large-scale cyber threats plus cyber attacks, building knowledge in risk management, intrusion recognition, and electronic forensics.

Ma, Emergency And Disaster Management

Be ready to manage emergency, disaster, and disaster reaction, relief, and recovery in a 4.0 high level.

Ma, Emergency And Disaster Management As Well As Homeland Security

Explore the sensible uses of managing a company by examining business ideas associated with marketing, management, ideation, and capital funding.

Prepare to solve today’s most complex ecological issues with the utilization of ecological management tools and techniques.

Critically analyze the people with the lens from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, studying works from antiquity the actual present day.

Gain a professional knowledge of tactical intelligence analysis, collection, and processes simply because they affect intelligence, security, and business sectors.

Ma, Diplomacy And International Security

Explore the difficulties of today’s uncertain security environment through an executive-level training in national and international security policy.

Prepare to be highly effective leader along with a broker of alternation in the delivery of quality, patient-centered healthcare.

Learn to assist government authorities and public sector agencies operate correctly through creating a sophisticated knowledge of public administration, management, and policy.

Examine the difficulties related to the exploration and use of space considering elements involving politics, business economics, law, business, technological research, and technologies.

Ms, Sports And Well Being Sciences

Learn the means by which in which you can design effective movement programs for individuals while you gain advanced knowledge in exercise technological research, diet, and fitness.

Ma, Transportation And Logistics Management

Develop advanced knowledge and capabilities associated with air, maritime, and ground transportation and logistics in moving goods directly from producer the actual end consumer.

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Develop a professional knowledge of worldwide security, having a spotlight around the way it impacts domestic security and foreign policy.

Learn the political, economic and military elements which prompted the Revolutionary War from both British and American perspective.

Grad Cert., Business Essentials For Your Security Executive

Develop a company background having a spotlight on security managers who manage team, budgets, and processes.

Grad Cert., Civil War Studies

Explore an operating command structure too as the development of strategic command and leverage throughout the antebellum period, Civil War years, too as the Reconstruction period.

Undergrad Cert., Systems And Networks

Acquire the information and skills essential to set up, install, manage and administer basic network infrastructures.

Examine the means by which in which the U.S. Uses counterintelligence and covert action to safeguard national security and international interests from adversaries.

Expand a simple knowledge of counterintelligence by reviewing continuing national security issues faced from the U.S. Along with its allies.

Undergrad Cert., Cpa Examination Preparation

Fulfills the training requirements for individuals that do buiness college students to take your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

Study electronic forensics tools too as the methods utilized to identify and confirm cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, cyberstalking and cyberbullying.

Study electronic forensics tools and methods utilized to identify and confirm cybercrime, cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare, cyberstalking and cyberbullying.

Examine the different tools, methods and techniques utilized by cybersecurity specialists to help keep systems and sensitive information secure.

Study the different forensics models utilized to recognize, collect, analyze and offer cybercrime evidence.

Examine the strategies for collecting and analyzing electronic devices and knowledge related to cybercrime investigations.

Grad Cert., Emergency And Disaster Management

Gain understanding of emergency operation centers together with hazard analysis, mitigation, planning and recovery.

Undergrad Cert., Employee Relations And Engagement

Undergrad Cert., Enterprise Web Applications

Undergrad Cert., Enterprise Web Applications Using Dot Net

Grad Cert., Ecological Hazard Mitigation And Restoration

Learn the main theories and practices related to emergency and disaster management as well as ecological technological research and restoration.

Grad Cert., Ecological Planning And Design

Develop methods for applying sustainable design practices in the landscape scale.

Grad Cert., Ecological Risk Assessment

Investigate the utilization of management tools and techniques to solve complex ecological problems and controversies.

Acquire a fundamental knowledge of hazardous materials and waste management, ecological law and enforcement too as the control over pollution.

Undergrad Cert., Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Undergrad Cert., Fish And Wildlife Management

Examine the policies, regulations and technical methods to managing fish and wildlife populace management and conservation.

Grad Cert., Fish And Wildlife Management

Gain a complicated knowledge of ecological functions, ecological laws too as the control over fish and wildlife populations.

Undergrad Cert., Foundations Of Homeland Security

Gain an extensive base of knowledge of homeland security threats, homeland security, emergency and disaster management as well as intelligence analysis.

Grad Cert., International Ecological Management

Develop methods to address challenging international issues, having a spotlight on ecological policy and management theory.

Undergrad Cert., Authorities Agency Administration

Explore major national security threats, from weapons of mass devastation to security vulnerabilities and homeland defense.

Acquire the ability to expertly assess defense tactics by studying weapons of mass devastation, terrorism, intelligence and consequence management.

Examine processes, strategies plus practices utilized by companies and professionals to effectively make use of various degrees of human asset.

Undergrad Cert., Infant And Toddler Care

Learn the related skills required to detect threats plus secure key learnings assets across enterprise networks for presidency agencies.

Undergrad Cert., Information Security Planning

Grad Cert., Computer Security

Develop a professional knowledge of secure network design, security policies and programs, cryptography, business continuity planning and a lot more.

Undergrad Cert., Computer Security Essentials

Undergrad Cert., Instructional Design And Delivery

Gain complete understanding of how U.S. Intelligence agencies assess and counter international threats to become able to safeguard the resources.

Explore various intelligence theories and exercise, data intelligence development, security threats plus counterintelligence.

Gain the fundamental knowledge and practical skills essential for web design, development and management.

Undergrad Cert., It Infrastructure Security

Grad Cert., It Project Management

Undergrad Cert., It Project Management Software Essentials

Explore the fundamental management as well as business abilities needed to oversee complex enterprise level IT projects.

Enhance understanding of literacy instruction and personalized learning how to better satisfy the varied individual and collective requirements of diverse students.

Acquire the information and practical skills needed to succeed in the powerful field of logistics and provide chain management.

Undergrad Cert., Meeting And Event Planning

Acquire a summary from the multi-million dollar conference, exposition and convention business, having a spotlight on planning, selling and maintenance.

Undergrad Cert., Microsoft Access Database Applications

Undergrad Cert., Microsoft ‘office’ Applications

Grad Cert., Middle Eastern Studies

Gain in-depth understanding of Middle Eastern culture, faith, governance, security threats, military management and a lot more.

Study the main standards and methods for mobile website and application design, development, testing and implementation.

Grad Cert., National Ecological Policy Act

Study the main authorized and regulatory policies which include ecological programs and projects within the U.S., having a spotlight on NEPA.

Grad Cert., National Security Studies

Study national and international security policies and globalization’s effect on national security along with its institutions.

Study the fundamentals of authorized terminology, research, writing, authorized theory too as an assortment of authorized ideas.

Grad Cert., Professional Technological Research Management

Undergrad Cert., Public Lands Management

Undergrad Cert., Property Management

Examine the present managerial methods and price control tools utilized to effectively manage a broad number of restaurants.

Explore advanced orbital technicians, past and existing place exploration endeavors too as the role of space in support of contemporary warfare.

Enhance technical experience and conceptual understanding from the design, development and incorporation of systems.

Learn the fundamentals of international and domestic terrorism, counterterrorism, terrorist weapons and predictive tactics utilized to avoid terror attacks.

Undergrad Cert., Visual Basic Application Development

Undergrad Cert., Weapons Of Mass Devastation Preparedness

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Transportation And Logistics Management