Warehouse KPI dashboard in Excel

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Warehouse KPI dashboard in Excel

How to measure your warehouse performance and create effective warehouse KPI reports

Warehouse Key Performance Indicators

In order to efficiently and successfully manage the warehouse, you should utilize your most important operational metrics as well as your relevant warehouse KPIs. Below is actually a list of a few examples you might want to consider for your warehouse KPI analysis and reporting needs.

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KPI means key performance indicator which is a business or operational metric which you have selected that could provide a sign of the overall performance and is employed as a variable with regard to ongoing development in your business operations including your warehouse performance management.

Deciding upon Warehouse Key performance indicators

Just about every single warehouse takes a different approach with various objectives; therefore selecting the ideal warehousing KPIs can be difficult. In most cases, gauge the items that you can manage and act upon.

In addition, choose only a few crucial KPIs rather than a dozens of metrics. It is far better to actually be familiar with the metrics and variables compared to wasting your month figuring out just about every single KPI in your report.

Preferably, the particular KPIs selected will certainly line up towards the most significant outcomes inside your facility.

Different kinds of Warehouse KPIs

Here are several of the commonly used KPIs:


Inventory Turnover Ratio

Inventory correctness

Inventory to Revenue Ratio

Holding Cost of Inventory

Item Availability

Stock out ratio

Portion of orders delivered

Order fill ratio

Ordinary fill ratio

Typical portion of products in back order

Product Fill Ratio

Portion of purchase products that the picking out procedures really fills within a provided time period

Item Damage

Amount of returns compared to overall number of orders

Price associated with returns compared to overall revenue

Overall Handling Periods

Typical period necessary to process an order

Purchase Entry

Typical time for dealing with an order

Portion of orders dealt with within target period

Ideal Order Level

Back Order Level

Order Paperwork Correctness

Portion of purchase paperwork having mistakes


Portion of deliveries in time

Portion of orders shipped by client demand day

Problems and damage cases

Order monitoring


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