Workplace Conflict Resolution Strategies

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Conflict Management Strategy Examples

We all sat in bewildered silence, wondering how we got to that moment and how to proceed. That response not only cost me a loop, but the entire project team as well. However, if the available conflict brings the matter to a halt, the team or communication should continue, acknowledge that something has happened, but it needs to be addressed later, and guide on the next topic.

Being an integral part of that interaction made me realize they had steps I could really have saved to save the day, can’t get enough of where someone angrily held on to us. A similar process works in one-on-one situations. In cases like this, it is essential to get things going firmly but without emotion – it is likely that whoever was involved continues to process many responses, but if these conflicting issues persist within the group setting, it will simply result in additional conflict and bring people into conflict with each other.

Whether the conflict takes place via email, in a meeting, on the call, or perhaps in person, make sure that the act of handling the conflict moves directly to a private arena. Acknowledge that there is a shared conflict that needs to be reverted to after some time and move on. As with addressing an important private person, it is also important to determine which medium is best for dealing with any available conflicts.

If the conflict takes place in public, it simply helps to say that it is being addressed offline or privately and everyone is encouraged to continue to maneuver. Deciding whether to do this inside the office – usually the best option, especially in work-related matters – or outside the office for lunch, coffee, or perhaps a walk, can also be important. Perhaps a personal chat or video call is easiest to make sure that body gestures can be read and harsh emotions can be more easily expressed.

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Take a step back and allow them to have their own say individually, without interruptions, outbursts, or judgment. Regardless of these media, it’s important to make sure it’s the right one for your problem and the people involved. While this is one of the most important features of active listening, it needs a call of its own.

If you let everyone hear it, you can often make things right from the start… and then you can certainly dive into the actual problem. By returning your knowledge of the problems or conflict to the person you are talking to, you will strengthen your personal understanding and allow your partner in the conversation to correct you if you have misinterpreted their words. We all see problems differently, and unfortunately our methods of communication haven’t evolved to beam our thoughts into each other’s heads at will – so it’s essential to take every key to avoid a misunderstanding, above all an incompatible solution.

By framing your ideas around yourself, you avoid blaming or focusing on emotions and reactions, allowing you to stick to the facts and solutions to a problem. I statements really are a cornerstone of conflict resolution. Have everyone come back to think thoroughly about questions or statements that may be difficult for them.

A quantum leap in conflict resolution can be made if you take ownership of the emotions by assertively directing your feelings and thoughts, rather than putting others on the defensive. Regardless of our own efforts to resolve conflict, there may be situations that prevent us from finding a solution. Encourage thoughtfulness and don’t feel the need to complete awkward silences when covering a topic that doesn’t necessarily come with an easy answer.

Maybe someone just had a bad day, and / or really that difficult, or maybe you and your client will disagree on the topic. If that’s the situation, we need to know when to allow it. If a scenario is just too messy or hard to solve on your own level, it’s time for you to get it out of your hands and it really needs to be provided or taken to another step with HR or maybe your manager.

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